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DATS - Drug & Alcohol Testing Services Limited


DATS provides all forms of drug & alcohol testing for the Highways Agency personnel, road hauler's and organisations connected with freight on roads throughout England / Scotland and Wales.


DATS conducts PoCT / Chain of Custody Testing:

  1. Pre-employment / Pre-appointment / Periodically
  2. Randomly
  3. For Cause in cases where there is [a] reasonable suspicion or [b] following a 'tip off' or [c] following an accident or 'near miss'
  4. Post Incident
  5. As part of Rehabilitation Programmes



All breath screening is undertaken using a Home Office approved Drager 6810. This instrument is listed on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Conforming Products List [NHTSA CPL] as an evidential breath tester. In all cases a Calibration Certificate will be produced before breath testing takes place.


DATS undertakes screening for controlled / illegal substances using either a Home Office approved Drager 5000 [for instant results] or by means of Chain of Custody [and back to the laboratory] with either [a] urine or [b] saliva. In either case the procedures are conducted in a legally defensible way and is underpinned by DATS ISO 9001 accreditation for its quality management systems and Link-Up Approval for testing Network Rail personnel.


DATS will attend test PoCT [at or near the location of the workplace] or at its offices in the Tees Valley. In either case DATS provides a 24 / 7 call out service and will open its offices 'out of hours' to facilitate office based screening. This is subject to availability but the customer will be advised from the outset if this not possible.

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