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DATS - Drug & Alcohol Testing Services Limited

Drug & Alcohol Testing West Yorkshire

Drug & Alcohol Test West Yorkshire / Bradford / Halifax / Leeds / Wakefield

ISO 9001 certified for its quality management systems, DATS provides a 24 hour / 7 days a week drug & alcohol testing service throughout the West Yorkshire areas including Bradford, Leeds, Halifax, Wakefield and Ilkley. With drug & alcohol testing being undertaken [1] pre-employment [2] randomly [3] for cause and [4] post incident DATS provides a comprehensive screening service using Home Office approved and properly calibrated equipment and conducts testing by means of examining breath, urine or saliva.

Achilles Link-Up Approval / Network Rail 'authorised and endorsed'

With Achilles Link-Up approval and being listed as an approved supplier on the Achilles official website, DATS is 'authorised and endorsed' to supply its services to Network Rail West Yorkshire and in particular to personnel who are pre-sponsorship and those who are currently sponsored. For these purposes DATS are 'super users' and will publish results onto Sentinel once a donor successfully passes a drug & alcohol test.

Chain of Custody Drug & Alcohol Testing West Yorkshire

DATS utilises the services of its partner laboratory which conforms to rigorous UKAS 17025 standards meeting both national and internationally accredited standards. Chain of Custody drug & alcohol testing is typically carried out when a person fails a test on site [point of care] and further expert laboratory analysis is required for both qualitative and quantitative confirmation or where the customer requires Chain of Custody drug & alcohol testing per se as a condition of [continued] employment.

Managers Training Awareness Courses Bradford / Leeds / Halifax / Wakefield

ISO 9001 certified to deliver Managers Training Awareness courses throughout the West Yorkshire areas, DATS have designed bespoke training on alcohol and substance misuse and key topics include [1] Policy arrangements [2] statutory duties of care [3] the importance of keeping medications up to date [4] spotting the signs of misuse [5] first responses [6] refusing a drug & alcohol test [6] maintaining the evidential chain [7] frequently asked questions and [8] recent Employment Tribunal rulings involving alcohol and / or substance misuse. These interactive half day courses are designed for supervisors / line managers and HR professionals who assume responsibility for a workforce where alcohol and / or substance misuse in the workplace poses a risk.

Drug & Alcohol Policy Review Service

ISO 9001 certified to provide a comprehensive alcohol and substance policy review service, DATS assists organisations large and small to design or amend its existing drug & alcohol policies. Within the scope there is advice around pre-implementation consultation / statutory duties of care / guidance on dependency issues / tolerance levels / failure [or refusal] to adhere to reasonable requests for drug & alcohol testing / suspension notices / sanctions / disclosing medications and the value of corroboration.

DATS will commonly introduce a series of pro-forma forms to accompany a drug & alcohol policy review for occasions where [for example] consent is given and conversely where there is an express refusal or failure, with the emphasis being on accurate record keeping and corroboration.


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